Whiskey and Windows: October 25th

The Versatile showroom’s Ingenuity display, featuring our new catalog. Do you have yours?

Thursday, October 25th will go down as Versatile’s best in-house event to date due in part to the buzz of important attendants and the interesting upcoming collaborative projects they bring to the table.  There was also a captivating presentation, as well as live music, and a great selection of domestic whiskey.

Whiskey and Windows, a longstanding and popular event, continues to be a great networking and learning event for everyone involved. It was a threefold opportunity to unveil the new Ingenuity catalog, introduce our Business Development Manager — Gary Paquin — to a wider audience of clients, and to connect with designers, architects, and building owners alike.  Over seventy guests came to enjoy the various whiskey cocktails, as well as tour the impressive 30,000 square foot shop, and see a window presentation outlining our mission statement, offering uniquely Versatile solutions.

Guests looking on as Richard starts the evening festivities

The evening kicked off with some ping pong, live music, a fully stocked whiskey bar, and a few words from Versatile’s owner, Richard De Wolf.  He talked about the newly implemented Ingenuity window line, and some of the reasons behind creating his own semi-custom windows, saying: “The challenge for us in creating a better window was to integrate historic aesthetics while implementing new standards and techniques that improve performance and durability.”  He then announced the release of the first ever Ingenuity product catalog, which is available for pickup now in the Versatile showroom, or on our website.

Erica Witbeck, the operations manager, then gave shop tours highlighting the shop’s impressive size, the diversity of products we’re able to produce, and Versatile’s state of the art wood-powered biomass boiler heating system, answering questions along the way.  Versatile’s shop tour also contains a stop at its very impressive custom knife collection consisting of around 500 knives, making it easily one of the largest collections for a shop of this size in the Northwest.  No wonder so many historic buildings turn to Versatile for their window, door, and cabinetry needs!

Erica Witbeck leading a shop tour through our Cabinetry shop—don’t forget about Versatile for your custom cabinetry needs!

The Versatile presentation conveyed an impressive list of rewarding large scale restoration projects including the DeMuro Award-winning Towne Storage building, several Timberline Lodge projects, The Old Church, The Zipper, and many more.  Gary showed a glimpse of how much experience Versatile Wood Products has in its industry, and just how knowledgeable and passionate the staff are about being trade experts and colleagues in the window, door, and cabinetry field.

Gary Paquin is ready to talk about your next project! Drop him a line at gary@versatilewp.com.

As the evening wound to a close there was still plenty of mingling and drinking going on. More ping pong broke out (perhaps a bit more knockabout than before), and it became clear that the tight-knit community feel of the growing Portland construction industry was something to cherish.  Old friends and new connections coming together to share company and conversation over a glass of whiskey is an exceptional way to spend an evening.  Be sure to join us for the next Versatile event!