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Versatile specializes in custom cabinets, kitchen islands and cabinet drawer inserts. Click a category below for a summary of sample projects from our Shop the Look pages. Below those categories is a list of our blog articles to browse for more in-depth information.



  • Full inset doors and drawers, inset hinges and a striking finish exemplify a classic kitchen.
  • Doors with pressed steel panels and exposed plate storage are options that Versatile considers standard.
  • Versatile’s classic wood cabinets are built in large sizes for ease of install and seamless construction that would have been found prior to factory made cabinets.
  • The only limit in size is access to your project.


  • Cabinets built without toe kicks are a classic American detail lost in mass construction techniques.
  • Chalk board frames, hook rails and oversized drawers are all features combined with modern hardware that mix classic elements with modern conveniences.


  • Picking up on design cues and other classic styles throughout the rest of the building, Versatile has a unique ability to create sophistication that is not found in other shops.
  • Counters made in matching materials and furniture from the same styles pull a project together in the most Versatile way.

Mid-Century Custom Cabinetry — Custom Case Study

  • This architect designed mid-century modern home featured existing hemlock cabinets that needed restoration.
  • Versatile refinished and modified the original kitchen cabinets to house new appliances
  • We fabricated a new bank of cabinets that matched the existing style and hardware
  • Finally, we concealed the new refrigerator and expanded the available storage.
  • The project goal was to restore and expand the kitchen with as little impact to the original fixtures as possible while modernizing the appliances and integrating them into the existing architecture.
  • Challenges for the project were:
  1. The unusual species of the wood in the existing architect-designed cabinets required a careful exact match of wood and hardware in order to blend the new elements seamlessly with the old.
  2. Integrating contemporary appliances into a space designed for the 1960s without distracting from the period style of the space required extremely precise fits on the surrounding cabinets.

Uniquely Versatile Solutions

  1. Research of the architect’s work and a deep understanding of the principals of the original architectural style helped identify creative but architecturally appropriate solutions to the integration challenges.
  2. Precise measurements and good communication with the contractor during the design of new cabinets ensured a seamless installation.

Client’s Reaction

We love our home and think often about the wonderful job you have done for us.


Walnut Cabinetry

  • Nestled deep in Southwest Portland, the Carle family kitchen was the subject of an extensive remodel that was completed in late 2014.
  • Interior designer Barbara Sumner and architectural designer Kristyn Bester worked with Versatile’s Product Designer Rex Vaccaro.
  • Their job was to update and modernize the kitchen complete with stunning kitchen cabinets.

Project Scope

  • For Versatile, the scope involved an entire run of custom upper and lower kitchen cabinets.
  • In addition the scope included a pantry wall; a large kitchen island with a cantilevered eating area, and a built-in window bench.
  • The biggest challenge that this project presented was the fact that the client had a strong desire for all of the lower kitchen cabinets to carry a visually distinctive horizontal line from the wood grain along the length of the kitchen.
  • This private residence shows off the modern styling and execution of the skilled Versatile team. Blending walnut and metal materials with plain white face on other cabinets shows how to create a space that is dynamic and able to feature areas that want to be highlighted.
  • Versatile is always looking to come up with inventive solutions for the challenges faced when collaborating with others. Our creative team worked with the talented designers at Arciform to achieve their client’s needs for this beautiful home in Southwest Portland.

High Gloss

  • Sweeping views, a radial ceiling and a family room that focuses on the family. We didn’t want to take away from that with glitzy cabinets.
  • Instead, Versatile built a backdrop for what matters most to these homeowners. Ample storage, high tech fittings, solid construction and timeless design compliment rather than take away from this modern masterpiece.


  • This high-rise loft is used to entertain guests traveling to the city and for mini vacations downtown.
  • Versatile built the basics, integrated metal finishes and worked in contemporary styling to make this an industrial vacation retreat.


Farmhouse Cabinetry

  • This historic Lake Oswego home features a Dutch door, classic oak refrigerator, simple lines with traditional white painted cabinetry and a farmhouse table.
  • Versatile provided all the elements to preserve the historic style and even created a door leading to the underground wine cellar through the farmhouse floor (see the subtle lines below the TV).


  • The Barnes Mansion is a national monument.
  • Due to neglect, only a little had been changed.
  • The original kitchen, having been designed for servants, was chopped up and worn.
  • All upper cabinets and buffet cabinets were restored.
  • The decorative tile was salvaged and reinstalled into the backsplash.
  • The new lower cabinets and the custom island match the mahogany in the home
  • Extensive decorative millwork now makes the kitchen as beautiful as the rest of the home.


  • Maintaining historic cabinets and integrating new ones into the same space is an exciting project for Versatile.
  • Space that was once not used now has a specialty counter over the radiator.
  • Full inset doors, exposed mortised hinges and fully integrated panels are all details Versatile will make happen for you.

Block House Café – Custom Case Study

  • In the heart of historic Dayton Oregon, The Block House Café recently moved into the 1886 First Baptist Church on Main Street.
  • Working alongside architect Paul Falsetto and Fackler Construction, Versatile created a large back bar with surrounding cabinetry, wait-station, and tabletops from old floor joists in the building.
  • To create a large, functional, and aesthetically pleasing back bar that hides the seismic bracing. Re-purpose original floor joists to create tabletops and a bar top.
  • The biggest challenge we faced with the back bar, which included 10’ high walnut pieces, was installation to conceal three alcoves that were created by updated seismic structuring.
  • Versatile’s experience and expertise allowed us to anticipate potential issues and create solutions before they became real problems onsite.

Open Shelving: Mid-Century Bungalow Kitchen

  • Cradled in Northeast Portland’s Concordia neighborhood lies a modest and unassuming Mid-Century bungalow that has recently undergone an extensive remodel.
  • The main goal of this project was to achieve an updated Mid-Century Modern look.
  • We faced many of the typical challenges that come with Mid-Century remodels.
  • This project called for custom face frames and continuous horizontal grain for stain-grade lower cabinets. These can be tricky to execute well.
  • For the custom face frames, we created a complete overlay, which achieved the intended look. We sourced continuous grain Birch for the lower cabinets, which worked out beautifully
  • The combination of paint grade upper cabinets, stain grade lower cabinets with beautiful horizontal grain and open shelving helped to bring this Mid-Century bungalow home into the 21st Century all while embracing its iconic look.
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