Versatile Custom Case Studies

What Does Custom-Built Mean?

Custom wood building is an art that has been around for about as long as humans. Versatile Wood Products is engaged in some form of custom building every day.

Versatile’s Custom Case Studies

The best way to get to know Versatile’s range of custom projects is by reading some of our case studies. Just a few very interesting projects are below.

custom case studies

Custom Wood Island

Custom Wood Island

Custom Wood Island. Turned legs, maple butcher block featuring end-grain detail coupled with a mixture of stainless steel and wood elements come together to create an unusual and challenging design puzzle for the Versatile Wood Products team as they work to create this custom wood island for a client in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Stairwell Lift Door

Sometimes the answer to a tricky design challenge isn’t a choice between manufactured and custom options. Sometimes the answer is to use the best of both. Here’s how we tackled one very unusual vertical lift stairwell door with a combination of manufactured and highly custom Versatile solutions.

Custom Double Hung Window

This may look like a humble little double hung window, but what appears to be straightforward actually took a lot of attention to detail, careful coordination and amazing craftsmanship.

Full Sail Brewing Custom Entry System

We were happy to recently complete a custom storefront system for Full Sail Brewing’s Hood River corporate offices. It was the perfect mix of Uniquely Versatile elements: unusual scale, specific climate and weather conditions. And a client with a very specific design aesthetic in mind.

Replacement Sash for Historic Review

This lovely condo building on the National Historic Register was in need of refurbishment. There were strict requirements to meet in order to maintain the historic character of the building. Their budget precluded custom replacement sash and other window components.

Washington High School Sash Windows

The goal for Washington High School was to construct double-hung sash windows that are aesthetically identical to the originals, and operate with the historical and reliable system of weights and pulleys. The windows also needed to be more energy-efficient.

Evergreen Chapel

Our solution was to combine a custom, craft-built traditional wood window with a high-level commercial sensibility. We also wanted to incorporate modern-day materials, such as insulated glass, while maintaining the look of the 1930’s design.

Witherspoon Building Update

Witherspoon Building

The vertical mullions at the lower and upper storefront windows align perfectly, as do all of the casings. As for the door, the result was an end product that looks beautifully simple and historic. But upon closer inspection, actually houses a tremendous amount of hardware and technology.

Roman Candle, Ava Gene’s, Woodsman Tavern

Hand selecting the materials played a major role in the success of these projects. Versatile’s highly experienced carpenter, Jeff Vasey, hand selected the wood to ensure each piece had a tight grain pattern to help extend the life of each item. From an aesthetic side, it was also important to find pieces of wood that matched and had complimentary grain patterns.

Block House Café

Block House Cafe
In the heart of historic Dayton Oregon, The Block House Café recently moved into the 1886 First Baptist Church on Main Street. Working alongside architect Paul Falsetto and Fackler Construction, Versatile created a large back bar with surrounding cabinetry, wait-station, and tabletops from old floor joists in the building.

Mid-Century Custom Cabinetry

This architect designed mid-century modern home featured existing hemlock cabinets that needed restoration. Versatile refinished and modified the original kitchen cabinets to house new appliances. They also fabricated a new bank of cabinets that matched the existing style and hardware, concealed the new refrigerator and expanded the available storage.

Carle Kitchen Cabinets

For Versatile, the scope involved an entire run of custom upper and lower kitchen cabinets. As well as a pantry wall; a large kitchen island with a cantilevered eating area, and a built-in window bench. We were able to retain the horizontal grain pattern that the client wanted, and applying these solutions to the project resulted in a stunningly beautiful set of kitchen cabinets.

Restoring First Congregational Church

Historical Preservation
The First Congregational Church turned to Versatile and Arciform to stabilize and restore the wood elements of this feature. As with any preservation project, the goal was to retain as much of the original fabric as possible. Equally important is the goal to maintain the character defining features of the original design.

Modern Outdoor Oasis

Versatile cornerstone

The intention of the modern design was to create a space that would blur the lines between indoors and out. The effect would be minimizing visual interruptions. This also allows the space to open completely to the exterior as much as possible.

What Does Custom-Built Mean?

Custom wood building is an art that has been around for about as long as humans. Many of the same terms we see today were used thousands of years ago.Despite the increase with technological advances, the quality and craftsmanship of custom wood-building remains unmatched.