Hawthorne Theatre Custom Window Restoration

Hawthorne Window Repair

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Hawthorne Theater
Hawthorne Theatre

Window Restoration Commences at the Hawthorne Theatre

In a rapidly growing city like Portland, preserving “Old Portland” is important to its residents. To companies like Versatile, restoring Portland is job #1.  Our current project is a complete rebuild of the original weather damaged windows of the grand Hawthorne Theatre.  This building was originally designed and built by the Eastside Masons in 1917. It remains a centerpiece of SE Portland. The Masons abandoned the property in the 1970s due to dwindling members. The building was resurrected in 2005 as The Hawthorne Theatre and the Hawthorne Theatre Lounge.

Hawthorne Theater

The skilled artisans at Versatile Wood Products are uniquely qualified to perform this complete rebuilding of these intricate windows. Versatile specializes in traditional and historic reproductions. Six of the grand window sashes were so badly deteriorated they required a complete remove, repair and/or replace. With the help of  Viridian, a restoration and installation partner, a single window was brought back to the Versatile design team.  The original window, shown above, was dismantled and used as a template for replication. 

Hawthorne Theater

Each detail is recreated from the original. Versatile creates the glass stops, size and sash thickness to replicate the authenticity of the original “master builders.” Because the refurbished sections will be installed adjacent to originals, every detail must be preserved and replicated. 

Hawthorne Theater

True to the mission of “ingenuity,” Versatile, with our master highly skilled carpenters, recreate accurate historic century reproductions of the finest quality to preserve Portland as seen with our newest Hawthorne Theatre renovation.

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