Mid-Century Custom Cabinetry — Custom Case Study

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Mid-Century Custom Cabinetry

Mid-Century Custom Cabinetry for a Mid-Century Home

This architect designed mid-century modern home featured existing hemlock cabinets that needed restoration. Additionally the client wanted to expand square footage and increase the utility of the space for entertaining. Versatile refinished and modified the original kitchen cabinets to house new appliances. They also fabricated a new bank of cabinets that matched the existing style and hardware, concealed the new refrigerator and expanded the available storage.

Mid-Century Custom Cabinetry: Project Goals

To restore and expand the kitchen with as little impact to the original fixtures as possible while modernizing the appliances and integrating them into the existing architecture.

Mid-Century Custom Cabinetry

Mid-Century Custom Cabinetry: Challenges

  1. The unusual species of the wood in the existing architect-designed cabinets. These required an exact match of wood and hardware in order to blend the new elements seamlessly with the old.
  2. Integrating contemporary appliances into a space designed for the 1960s without distracting from the period style of the space. This requires extremely precise fits on the surrounding cabinets.

Mid-Century Custom Cabinetry

Mid-Century Custom Cabinetry: Uniquely Versatile Solutions

  1. Research of the architect’s work along with a deep understanding of the principals of the original architectural style helped identify creative but architecturally appropriate solutions to the integration challenges.
  2. Precise measurements and good communication with the contractor during the design of new cabinets ensured a seamless installation.

Client’s Reaction

We love our home and think often about the wonderful job you have done for us.

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