Our newest team member — Gary Paquin

Written by versatile

We’re excited to announce our newest team member, Gary Paquin. Previously working for companies such as McCoy Millwork, Rejuvenation and Jack of the Woods Construction, Gary has been working in the home industry for over 15 years.

“I started as a carpenter and have always had a strong interest in historic restoration, finish carpentry and architectural history.  I’ve spent the last 7+ years in the waste management industry. I’m ready to get back to my happy place at Versatile,” says Gary.

Another cool fact about Gary is that he and Richard, Versatile’s owner, are longtime friends.

“I met Richard shortly after he and Anne moved to Portland.  We worked together at Serendipity Center: a school for troubled kids.  We became fast friends and have been close ever since.  I was the best man at their wedding,” says Gary.

Gary also runs a podcast with his friend Jeff Peart.

“It’s just two guys talking and trying to be funny.  Been doing it for over two years.  It’s a lot of fun,” says Gary.

“As the Business Development Manager, Gary will be helping our clients learn more about our product. At Versatile Wood Products, we know our company is only as good as our people. Which is why we are so excited to have Gary join our team!” says Richard De Wolf, Versatile company owner and CEO.

We’re excited to learn more about Gary Paquin as he gets into his new role with Versatile.  Stay tuned for a more in-depth post on Gary and his work with Versatile coming soon!

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