Custom Wood Cabinetry

Custom Wood Cabinets

INVENTIVE SOLUTIONS for Custom Cabinet Challenges

Our experienced team specializes in balancing period-appropriate architectural design specifications with modern performance standards, combining historic techniques and modern technologies to meet your custom wood cabinet design and budget goals.

Your historic home is unique, and our cabinets are the perfect fit. Versatile provides all of the elements to preserve and reflect the historic style of your space. Matching existing components is critical for a seamless integration, and this can only be achieved with full custom capabilities.

We know how complex custom cabinetry design can be, and we are eager to help guide clients through decisions and choices. Utilizing Versatile’s expertise when planning your cabinets will ensure you have maximized utility while designing cabinets that best represent the unique character of the home.

Our custom designed cabinets come standard with real wood construction, ample storage, and high tech fittings. Manufactured in Portland, OR, our custom wood cabinets complement and enliven your home.


Versatile Wood Products offers a variety of standard cabinet configurations ranging from full inset to full overlay. We build wood cabinetry to suit any era of home, with an array of options to choose from. Choose from eight wood species, forty door and drawer detail options and a wide range of accessories that maximize the utility of your cabinetry. Our dedicated sales and design teams are ready to collaborate with you to make your ideas into reality.

Download our in-depth Cabinet Guide with full specifications and details.


Face frame (also known as American-style) cabinetry has long been heralded as the gold standard for homes, while offering many advantages over Euro-style cabinets. They’re easier to install than modular boxes, are much sturdier in their construction and showcase higher quality materials. There are signisignificantly more design options: you can have full inset, half overlay or full overlay door and drawer styles, which means authentic cabinetry design appropriate for any period.

Historic cabinetry means face frame construction. Like a contemporary look?
Full overlay cabinets can mimic Euro-style cabinets but have all the advantages of American-style.

We at Versatile believe in using the best materials and construction methods to produce truly custom wood cabinetry built to last a lifetime.