Tips and Best Practices

Custom Wood Island

Tips and Best PracticesYou’d never know it to look at it, but some serious hands-on engineering goes into translating an architect’s design into a durable and high quality finished product.

Stairwell Lift Door

Tips and Best Practices
Sometimes the answer to a tricky design challenge isn’t a choice between manufactured and custom options. Sometimes the answer is to use the best of both.

Double Hung Window 

Tips and Best PracticesVersatile built a traditional weight and pulley double hung to the necessary size to meet the egress requirements. We matched the reverse ogee interior detail and the exterior stucco mould exactly.

Restore or Replace Your Window – 5 Quick Checks to Decide

Tips and Best Practices

We get this question every day at Versatile: When is it better to restore or replace your existing windows?

Here’s a quick check guide to evaluating the condition and value of your current windows. This will help to discover which option may be best for you.

Block House Café

Tips and Best PracticesVersatile created a large back bar with surrounding cabinetry, wait-station, and tabletops from old floor joists in the building.Versatile’s experience and expertise allowed us to anticipate potential issues and create solutions before they became real problems on site.

Carle Kitchen Cabinets

Tips and Best Practices
Drawing Carle Cabinets

For Versatile, the scope involved an entire run of custom upper and lower kitchen cabinets. As well as a pantry wall; a large kitchen island with a cantilevered eating area, and a built-in window bench.

Restoring First Congregational Church

Tips and Best Practices

After meticulous documentation, all parts were mapped and translated into CAD files. Having these otherwise inaccessible components in-house provided the unique opportunity to prepare a custom library of details for First Congregational Church in anticipation of future restoration needs and part replacement.

Creative Window Solutions, Sleek Designs 

Tips and Best PracticesFrom modern buildings that include simple lines to historic churches with grand curves, when it comes to creative window design we will use any opportunity to fire up our imagination.

What Does Custom Wood Building Mean?

Tips and Best PracticesCustom wood building is more than making a window or door. It requires more than just the right tools and space. These are essential, yes, but custom building also requires a lot of skill. At Versatile Wood Products every project, both big and small, modern or historical, is performed with the utmost quality and dedication.