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Towne Storage Creative Office in Portland’s Central Eastside Wins DeMuro Award

The 102-year-old brick warehouse building is the new headquarters of software manufacturer Autodesk.The project took 16 months, starting with demolishing the interior and adding seismic upgrades … read more

David Papazian via Restore Oregon

Unique Portland system converts wood waste into energy

DJC Oregon recently reported, “Richard De Wolf’s Portland-based company, Versatile Wood Products, specializes in the restoration and remodel of historical doors, windows and cabinetry. In the course of a single year, that work produces a significant amount of wood waste and sawdust, to the tune of about 100 total tons per year.

“De Wolf wanted to find a sustainable way to get rid of those excess materials. So he teamed up with another Portland firm, Wisewood Energy, to design and install a biomass boiler system that takes what would have been dumped in a landfill and turns it into fuel to heat Versatile Wood Products’ 40,000-square-foot facility in North Portland.”

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