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Richard is a pleasure to work with and they have a beautiful showroom. I also got a tour of their huge shop. I was amazed at the pride the workers have in their products and the variety of projects they had going on.

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Thanks for an excellent description of a complex restoration challenge. The scale of the tower and degree of weathering of the wood elements was impressive.

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We  just drove by the building earlier this week and stopped to admire the windows. Beautiful job!

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Town Storage is one of my favorite Portland buildings! So glad that it has a new life!

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This gorgeous custom credenza was built for some great clients. It will house albums & a turntable. Carpenter Marshall Liedke’s got skills!

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I had a very difficult door design that needed to be custom designed and manufactured. Versatile Wood Products did a great job. They did it on the quoted schedule and was very professional in all my interactions with them.