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A Year in Review

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A Year in Review: We’ve been busy here at Versatile. With more than 100 custom sash, window and door projects and more than 50 cabinetry projects completed in 2017 here’s a few we’re most proud of:

A Year in Review: Sellwood Pool Bathhouse Windows
A Year in Review
Clockwise from top left: curved glass cuts are ready for installation, Thor and Tod fit the arched top rail in to the stiles, making sure the joinery fits perfectly. Next step: glazing; the classic arched top window is clamped for 8 hours before it’s ready, the new Sellwood Bathhouse.

The Sellwood Pool Bathhouse was built in 1910. We matched the original windows exactly by bringing the originals into our shop to replicate.

A Year in Review: The Sovereign Hotel
A Year in Review
From left: Sovereign entry door with arched transom window plans and pieces; Transom window being glued; On four of the six sides are murals painted in 1989 by Richard Haas and commissioned by the Oregon Historical Society for $225K. This side shows the Lewis & Clark Expedition.

Built in 1923, the Georgian-style Sovereign Hotel was designed by Carl L. Linde.  We made several solid white oak doors and storefront assemblies with beautiful arched transom windows. This was one of the first forays into using the CNC machine for arched details—making them faster, more accurate and safer to produce.

A Year in Review: Setzoil Door Modification

A Year in Review

Being entrusted to modify an original Leroy Setziol door was certainly a highlight for 2017. We improved the door structure and make it easier to hang in the jamb, removed and replaced the dated veneer on the interior and edges of the door, using clear vertical grain (CVG) fir and teak.

A Year in Review: Hollywood Theatre Doors

A Year in Review

We worked with Arciform and architect, Paul Falsetto to create the updated entry system for the historic Hollywood Theater.

A Year in Review: 30th & Killingsworth Storefront

A Year in Review

This entryway for the  popular restaurant Autentica features double-hung windows and transoms.

A Year in Review: Custom Midcentury Modern Credenza Set

A Year in Review

A Year in Review

We had fun designing these custom pieces in a classic retro style.


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