Richard De Wolf – Owner, Builder, Problem Solver

Richard DeWolf


owner, builder, problem solver


Richard De Wolf has always enjoyed building things. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, he was surrounded with historical architecture. His love for building things and his immersion in architecture is what led him to his path as a historical preservation specialist. Richard opened Arciform in 1997. Wanting to recognize that his business is about all who are involved, from the builders to the office staff, he chose the name Arciform, rather than naming it after himself.

Richard’s partner and wife, Anne, steps in to the managing role for Arciform. Richard has taken responsibility of the Versatile Wood Products brand and company. Acquiring Versatile in 2011, Richard again recognizes the power of a strong team. Declaring one of the leading brand values as “win together.” With the mission statement being just one word, “ingenuity,” Richard is merging classic styles and traditional techniques with a more modern approach and design. Versatile has gained a reputation for being the go-to place for especially unique and custom designed wood products. Projects range from repairing artist Leroy Setziol doors to installing and designing windows for new buildings like The Zipper. Versatile is making waves in both modern and historical style custom design.

Richard feels that custom wood products can solve any architecture or design problem, whether it’s historical or modern. That the key to a solution is often more about the process of how you get there. That passion for your work is what results in great projects and solutions. The part he enjoys most about his job?

I get to be the guy who helps when my team is having an especially challenging design problem. To be able to step in and offer that outside perspective that is missed when you’re immersed in a project. That’s what keeps me inspired.”

Richard volunteers his time as a board member and speaker for both the Architectural Heritage Center and Restore Oregon. He was appointed by Governor Ted Kulongoski as a board member for the Construction Contractors Board. He’s also a certified log home builder. Richard has a love of process. He knows it takes one of his windows approximately .4 miles to get through the woodshop from start to finish. And it takes 4 of his steps to match just one leap of one of his Silken Windhound dogs.

Richard loves cars. Whether it be cruising around in his Jaguar E Type coupe, giving a pep talk at the soapbox derby or going 180 mph on a race track, cars are perhaps the only thing that can get Richard’s mind off work—that and his beautiful wife Anne of course.

He met Anne 24 years ago as she was aloft at the top of her sailboat mast. He married her just 6 months after they met and ran away from South Carolina to Oregon. But that’s another story…