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Welcome to the Versatile introduction and guide page. Here you will learn who we are, about our rich history and an abundance of information for your professional project. From project case studies to window words of the day, you’ll find just what you need at Versatile Wood Products.

What We Stand for is Ingenuity and
Outstanding Quality

Versatile Wood Products provides historically accurate custom wood sash, cabinetry, doors and millwork using techniques originated by 18th and 19th century craftsmen. Our 40,000 square foot wood shop allows us to tackle projects of any scale ranging from a single reproduction sash to a complete custom kitchen or a commercial storefront entry system. We are committed to creating spaces that honor and make history.

We build creativity into every custom window, door and cabinet. Our experienced team specializes in balancing period appropriate architectural design specifications with modern performance standards, combining historic techniques and modern technologies to meet your design and budget goals. Our state of the art CNC router and extensive library of knives and patterns can replicate original details and create innovative solutions to your trickiest design problem.

By preserving traditional ways of building and blending them with modern technologies and performance standards, we design and build solutions that harmonize aesthetics and temperament with function and utility. This what we stand for.

Building to Last

By hand-selecting tight grain wood patterns and using time-honored techniques our products will last for many years to come.

 Winning Together

Our clients choose us because they want to be part of a winning team. At Versatile wood products, we roll up our sleeves to do our part and more to cross the finish line together. The result is exceptional work and invaluable relationships.

Sustainable and Certified

We know how important the environment is which is why we are a FSC Certified company and we stay on top of our government certifications so you can be sure you are getting a quality product that’s ethically supported.

Meet the Versatile Team

We are a team of more than 40 carpenters, designers, marketing professionals and multi-talented crew members.

Here are some of our key players you may meet while you work with us.

Alan Ford, Product Designer
Curtis Nagel, Product Designer
Erica Witbeck, Operations Manager
Rex Vaccaro, Custom Design Manager
Gary Paquin, Business Development Manager

Meet Richard DeWolf: Owner, Builder, Problem-Solver.

Richard DeWolf

Richard DeWolf  acquired Versatile Wood Products in 2011, Richard recognizes the power of a strong team by declaring one of the leading brand values as “win together.” And with the mission statement being just one word, “ingenuity,” Richard is merging classic styles and traditional techniques with a more modern approach and design. Versatile has gained a reputation for being the go-to place for especially unique and custom designed wood products.

With projects ranging from repairing artist Leroy Setziol doors to installing and designing windows for new buildings like The Zipper, Versatile is making waves in both modern and historical style custom design.

Richard feels that custom wood products can solve any architecture or design problem, whether it’s historical or modern. That the key to a solution is often more about the process of how you get there and that passion for your work is what results in great projects and solutions. The part he enjoys most about his job?

“I get to be the guy who helps when my team is having an especially challenging design problem. To be able to step in and offer that outside perspective that is missed when you’re immersed in a project. That’s what keeps me inspired.”

Building to Last, Shop the Look 


Building to last means custom made for each wood product we create. From the beginning phase to the final construction, our doors, windows, cabinets, and furniture are known for their lasting quality and durability. Under Shop the Look we have three categories: historic, and modern, classic.

Historic Buildings
We are known for our ability to restore historic buildings and are proud to have worked on hundreds of historic buildings all over the West. Here we show you a few of our most notable projects.

Modern Buildings
It’s true, most people think of Versatile as being specialists in historic buildings. What we bring to those projects, we also bring to modern ones. Ingenuity is the key and building to last is how we do it. With techniques we share with our window and door products, we build into our cabinets. Real wood construction, no formaldehyde, top of the line hardware and styles to match the building will make these modern spaces the historic buildings of tomorrow.

Classic Buildings
We are committed to creating spaces that honor and make history. By preserving traditional ways of building and blending them with modern technologies and performance standards, we design and build custom door, wooden cabinet, window and furniture solutions that harmonize aesthetics and temperament with function and utility.

Custom Case Studies 

Custom Case Study, Evergreen Chapel, Miles Woofter

Custom wood building is an art that has been around for about as long as humans. Versatile Wood Products is engaged in some form of custom building every day. The best way to get to know Versatile’s range of custom projects is by reading some of our case studies. Just a few very interesting projects are behind this link.

Design Challenges and Solutions 

Custom Walnut Kitchen Cabinets
Custom Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

Versatile is always looking to come up with inventive solutions for design challenges. Versatile’s experienced team specializes in balancing period appropriate architectural design specifications with modern performance standards. We combine historic techniques with modern technologies.

Custom Storefront and Entryway Systems 

A Year in Review
Hollywood Theater Doors


Here you will find information for everything from knife patterns to guides and tools for windows, doors, and cabinetry.


With over 500 knife profiles to choose from, Versatile can fabricate the custom piece you desire. Don’t see the profile you are looking for? Let us know and we can create a custom knife for your project.


Download these tools to help with your window project. Fill out the Window Specification Worksheet to receive a faster and more accurate quote on your next project.

Use the Key Terms and Conditions Reference Guide to help you identify what information goes into each column of the worksheet:


Fill out the following Door Specification Worksheet to expedite your door ordering process.

The two quick reference guides will answer your Door Spec FAQs:


Fill Out The Cabinet Quote Request To Receive A Preliminary Quote For Your Next Custom Cabinet Project. The Cabinet Order & Design Guide Has Step-By-Step Details And Illustrations Of Versatile’s Standard Options To Help Guide Your Selections:

All Of Our Products Come With A Warranty.

Versatile Videos

Check Out Our Inspiring Videos!

Here at Versatile we strive to bring you exceptional, high-quality products. We provide historically accurate, custom wood sash, cabinetry, doors and millwork for any project. Whether you need modern, historical, or classic design Versatile brings a commitment to create period-accurate products that last. On this page we share with you our videos, with a new video posted every month to highlight a range of projects and experiences. We want to give you a first-hand look at what it means to be a part of the Versatile team. From design challenges to historic preservation, each video shares our passion for craftsmanship.

Our Blog

Versatile cornerstone

The Versatile Blog is a rich collection of short stories, design tips and curious bits of insight and inspiration. All the blogs are photographed and put together by the Versatile team. Here you will find an amazing amount of information.

Learn about Douglas Fir in Douglas Fir – 5 Things That May Surprise You or how to evaluate your existing windows in  Restore or Replace Your Windows-5 quick Checks to Decide. Learn more about different wood species in Natural Wood Delivers Timeless Beauty.

There are case studies which focus on a specific project’s goal, challenges, solutions, and end results. Get unique sneak peaks on in-shop projects from postcards from the shop.  In Custom Windows Glossary you’ll find the history and meaning of some of the window world’s more obscure terminology informative, useful and maybe a bit entertaining.

New Products

Visit the new products page for our latest additions. Here you can find just what you need for your next project. Each product is displayed with a downloadable PDF with detailed information.

Custom Line Ingenuity Windows

Introducing our first semi-custom product line! Now through the efficiency of modular selections, you get an affordable product with classic VWP hand-crafted quality. The design of these windows is to meet our customers’ demands for a window that’s built to last, affordable and attractive. We offer casement and double-hung options with a variety of hardware finishes to suit any design.

Download Pdf File  

Hinge Standards

The hinges and hardware are integral part of every door. That is why we chose our standard hinges to be an authentic reproduction hinge made by local Portland, OR company, House of Antique Hardware. The hinge we choose has a loose pin with attached finial, slotted wood screws, and heavy duty 1/8” thick leaves – just like the originals. They’re made of solid extruded brass for high strength and durability and work for thicker interior or exterior doors and are available in 9 finish options.

Download Pdf File 

Aluminum Frame Cabinet Doors

Custom aluminum frame cabinet doors are a contemporary addition to residential and commercial interiors. Whether kitchen cabinet doors, office furniture doors or closet storage or furniture accents, aluminum frame doors are made to our customers’ specifications. They include all functional and decorative hardware borings. The aluminum frames which come in a variety of finishes provide endless design possibilities when combined with numerous glass, 3form and custom insert options.

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Restoring History through Beauty and Craftsmanship