Portland’s Hallock and McMillan Building

Some things can’t be rushed, and that pretty much describes the latest chapter of the story about the historic restoration of Portland’s Hallock and McMillan Building. Built in 1857 by Abasolom Hallock,  the city’s first architect, the Hallock-McMillan is Portland’s oldest brick and cast iron commercial building.

Portland developer and building owner John Russell bought the Hallock-McMillan in 2010, with a plan to return the building to its 1857 appearance.  In 2011, John commissioned Wave One Films to document the first chapter of the building’s restoration: recreating patterns of the building’s original cast iron design pieces, and then, the sand casting process, where molten iron is poured into sand molds.

After the pour, the story went dark. But the restoration continued in early 2019, and the next chapter of the Hallock-McMillan story: the restoration of the building’s brick facade was told.  We are pleased to be a part of this project by providing historically-accurate craftsmanship for all the doors, storefronts and windows.